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Bleed Organic Clothing


Our series of all brands we offer or offered, starting with Bleed Organic Clothing.

We have been a partner of Bleed since 2010.

Bleed was founded by Michael Spitzbarth because he experienced the conditions in large textile companies directly, and wanted to create a people-friendly brand, which is fair and respects social aspects. The first garments we offered in our former Berlin shop were printed with bleeding fruits and the bleed logo.

Representing the bleeding nature, Bleed wanted to point out unnatural processes and chemical toxins in clothes. The collection has evolved since then and Bleed is taking more and more natural or recycled materials for their textiles. Amongst others, there are the black cork jackets that look like real leather jackets, providing a vegan and natural alternative to animal leather.

Bleed is a partner of PETA and shows that you can produce beautiful clothes even without animal products.

We are pleased to be able to offer many organic labels from the beginning in our shop and Bleed is certainly one of the examples that you can always achieve something with a great attitude and a valuable idea!

A little insight from Michael Spitzbarth, the founder of Bleed

Thanks Bleed Organic Clothing!

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