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The success story of Paprcuts Berlin

Part 2 of the series "Brands at Eigenmuse".

We proudly introduce Paprcuts Berlin to you today. Since 2012 we are partners of the Berlin brand by Nils Wagner. All Paprcuts products are made with Tyvek. They are refined and finished with organic yarn and other nature-compatible materials. The idea of ​​Paprcuts is to create sustainable wallets that, if you no longer need them, can simply be thrown in the organic bin and do not harm environment. Tyvek is ultra tear-proof and water-resistant, making your wallet at least as resistant to all external influences as a leather purse.

Meanwhile, Paprcuts has expanded its portfolio and include smartphone cases, tobacco pouches, iPad covers, books, pencil cases, toiletry bags, watches and many other items

The Tyvek gets printed on all items with lovely motives and so you don´t have a standard purse or a standard pencil case, but great little works of art that are also completely environmentally friendly.

Nils, the founder of Paprcuts introduces his label in this video:

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